Hi, I'm Connor:

A Nashville Based Software Developer

Growing up, I was always fascinated with figuring out how things worked: whether it was taking apart a broken computer as a child, or working on guitar amps and electronics throughout the years. Once I started working on landing pages at my first job out of school, and I had my first glimpse of what website code looked like, the door to my curiousity was blown wide open.

I earned my undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Psychology with aspirations of working as a marketer in the music industry. After initially establishing my career as the Director of Client Relations for a music studio in Florida, I worked for Web.com: a Digital Marketing Agency where I was introduced to Paid Search Advertising and Search Engine Optimization, and subsequently had my first hands-on experience with HTML and CSS while working on Landing Pages for the Digital Marketing Campaigns I was building.It didn't take long for me to realize that the expanse of coding was a deeper rabbit hole than I could ever have imagined. Through my experience working on Landing Pages, as well as the encouragement of numerous developer friends, I decided that becoming a developer was the next destination on my career path.

I fully intended to start fresh in a new city after living in Jacksonville for 12 years, and after visiting Nashville numerous times over the years, I knew it was my next destination (especially after I discovered Nashville Software School where I expanded my Dev Education). In January of 2019 I firmly decided to devote all my resources into relocating to Nashville, and after sending out many applications throughout the new year, I recieved a job offer to be a Digital Marketing Analyst for a startup called Takl at the end of February, and the rest was history. I'm extremely grateful for the skills I've established in the Digital Marketing realm, but the simple fact is that I've quickly achieved a point where I feel my interests in and the challenges from my current career have been very short-lived, and I appreciate the consistent learning, challenges, creativity, and more-direct results I am able to drive as a developer.